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  • New opportunities, beyond the Parts!



 white newProdotti Beyond LR


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

At the end of a challenging year, we look to the future with positivity. We will continue to strive to improve, always placing our customers at the center and aiming at service excellence. Our best wishes for a great Christmas and a 2022 full of serenity and happiness!

Customer Ready Packaging: a responsible choice.

Customer Ready Packaging: a responsible choice.

We tell you a story with a splendid conclusion… We are in a farm where the end customer promptly received a package, our story’s protagonist, containing the part he was waiting for. But let’s start from the beginning and look back our protagonist’s journey together. We then move to our logistics hub in Poggiofiorito to show you where everything originates, from order processing to shipment to Arg...

Exciting period in Latin America!

Exciting period in Latin America!

Our Latin American authorized distributors are unstoppable! After Expo Agricola, the event organized by Importadora Montecarlo Motors to promote Carraro products at sub-dealers’ location in Colombia, a couple of weeks ago Expo Agroalimentaria took place in Guanajuato, Mexico. Tractoandes team was there! Then came the time of Tecnovial and its dealer Longimac that attended the exhibition Expo Jun...

C-PARTS 一种旨在保障可靠性的有益解决方案!

C-PARTS 一种旨在保障可靠性的有益解决方案!

随着车辆日益老化,客户的期望也随之变化。久而久之,甚至连获取原厂备件也变得越来越困难。 新的 C-Parts 系列与主要备件系列同样有效,为想要保养车辆的客户提供了一种备选方案。对于已经使用相当之久的车辆而言,这是一种高性价比的选择,能够提供用户所期望的卡拉罗 (Carraro) 品牌的高品质性能和可靠性。 C-Parts 系列包含各种适用于土方工程和农业生产的精选备件,例如齿轮、双接头、过滤器、轴承、密封件和拉杆。 卡拉罗对产品系列进行增补的这项举措使其能够进一步改善所提供的服务,确保备件的良好性能及可用性并提供一种能够尽可能延长车辆使用寿命的解决方案。 卡拉罗授权经销商可以提供 C-Parts 组件。您可以通过他们为您的车辆选择合适的备件! ...

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